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NO ON SB 731


Our profession is under attack and we need to fight back.

Senate Bill 731, authored by Senator Steven Bradford, will change the landscape of California Law Enforcement forever. Senate Bill 731 is part of the “defund the police” efforts and we must speak up.

RSA Members we need your help to contact your state legislator(s) and urge them to VOTE NO ON SB731. We have set up a pre-filled out letter requesting your law makers to vote no on SB731. All you have to do is follow the link, fill out the information and click submit. 

Follow this link: https://bit.ly/3gvNzXZ

SB 731 includes:

- An unjust de-certification process, that establishes a new 9-member commission within POST that will handle the de-certification.

- 6 out of the 9 de-certification commissioners MUST be either anti-police activists, convicted felons, academics, lawyers who specialize in suing police departments or family members of suspects killed by police.

- Your protections under POBRA (Peace Officer Bill of Rights Act) don’t exist under the de-certification commission.

- Removal of “Qualified Immunity” for law enforcement officers.

- Opens up law enforcement officers to personal financial liability and permanent de-certification even in cases where you follow the law and comply with all use of force policies pursuant to AB 392 from last year.

Unfortunately, Senator Bradford's office does not want to meet with L.E. and our California State Legislator(s) need to hear from YOU.

RSA Joins Other Labor Unions to Oppose the Propose...