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RSA Mission

The Riverside Sheriffs' Association began as the Riverside County Sheriff's Training Center Corporation in 1943, but since then has evolved into a labor organization that represents members, individually or collectively, in all matters relating to their employer-employee relations, including but not limited to grievances, labor disputes, hours, wages, and to other terms and conditions of employment as prescribed by law.
The objectives of the Riverside Sheriffs' Association are:


To promote the professional interest of the members and protect their rights to such economic, educational and other benefits and services as may be desirable.


To seek legislation necessary or conducive and play an active role in the political arena in furtherance of the interests of the membership.


To not only represent its members but to advance the social, economic, educational and general welfare of its members.


To provide aid through the Riverside County Deputy Sheriff Relief Foundation to members and their families facing life changing crises.

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