Retirees: CCW Coverage Plan

Attention RSA Retirees,

The Riverside Sheriffs' Association Legal Defense Trust is happy to announce an expanded coverage plan provided for all active retirees. This plan covers those retirees who are legally authorized to use or Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) in the protection of persons and/or property.

The plan cost is $60.00 a year, with the anniversary date every January. If you sign up before January the cost of the plan will be $5.00 per month. Please click this link and review the CCW application. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (951) 653-5152.

CCW Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What does the plan cover?
Subject to certain exclusions, the Plan will reimburse or pay on behalf of a Plan Participant certain legal defense costs for representation which the Participant becomes obligated to pay as a result of use of a firearm in self defense or the defense of others.
Am I eligible for coverage under the LDT Retiree CCW Plan?
If you are a qualified retired law enforcement officer who exercised peace officer powers immediately prior to retirement and you are currently in good standing with RSA, you are eligible for coverage.
Does the Plan provide coverage for criminal legal representation?
Yes, subject to the Plan terms and conditions.
Does the Plan provide coverage for civil legal representation?
Yes, subject to the Plan Terms and conditions.
How much coverage is provided under the Plan?
Legal defense costs are covered up to an annual aggregate limit of $100,000.00 for all claims arising from all occurrences within a one year period.
Is there a deductible or “self-insured retention”?
No. Coverage is “first-dollar”.
What are examples of “exclusions”?

The Plan does NOT apply to:

  • payment of damages awarded to satisfy a judgment;
  • occurrences before coverage is in effect, or after coverage expires;
  • use or carrying a weapon for sport;
  • use or carrying a weapon as a private investigator;
  • use or carrying a weapon in conjunction with private security services;
  • claims arising from domestic violence;
  • claims arising from military service;
  • claims reported more than ninety days after occurrence;
  • other exclusions are further outlined in the Plan Description.
How much does the coverage cost?
The annual premium is $60.00; the first premium is pro-rated if coverage begins after January.
What is the Anniversary Date of coverage?
The Anniversary Date is January 1 each year. After the first year of coverage, you will be billed for renewal premiums each January until you notify us that you no longer desire the coverage.
How do I apply for coverage?
Complete the one-page application and mail it, along with your check in the amount of $60.00 made payable to the “Legal Defense Trust CCW Plan” to 21800 Cactus Avenue, Riverside, CA 92518.
How do I make a claim or request coverage?
Contact the Legal Defense Trust at the above address or by calling 800-877-7317 day or night.