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Statement on Enforcement of Stay at Home Order


Riverside, May 7, 2020 - The Riverside Sheriff's Association( RSA) supports Sheriff Bianco's continued decision not to enforce Riverside County's "Stay at Home" Orders with arrest. 


Having suffered the loss of fellow Deputies Terrell Young and David Werksman to COVID-19, we understand the deadly nature of this virus. However, even though the virus is still present, the Governor has announced a four-phase framework for reopening California.  In contrast, the Riverside County Public Health Orders regarding the virus are far more restrictive than those statewide plans.   We agree with Sheriff Bianco that law enforcement should not be employed to enforce those more stringent orders.

Understandably, many residents of our county are in strong disagreement with the Riverside County Public Health Orders. However, we believe that arresting people unnecessarily for violating the orders would be a waste of law enforcement resources, and would contribute to a breakdown in trust between law enforcement and the residents we serve.

Finally, the RSA believes the Board of Supervisors should take action to rescind the current restrictive Riverside County guidelines and replace them with guidelines that align with those recommended by the State of California.

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