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The night sky has gotten a bit brighter. Daniel and Hannah were quite the team. Silly faces and countless laughs, the relationship as father and daughter was immeasurable. Daniel’s pride in all Hannah did was known and felt by all.

Daniel, 45, was part of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department since 2008. His love for his family was evident to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. All of his son’s soccer games, every recital Hannah danced in, Daniel was there no questions asked. Taking selfies with the dog next door, to send to their owners, just because he knew it would get a good laugh. That was the kind of fun he would have because-well why not.

Hannah, 19, dancer, performer, and full of life instructor. She knew what she wanted and she was making it happen. Dancing and performing since the age of two, Hannah was a force for the Arts. Headlining in several shows, she had that passion and desire that radiated in all she did. Her most recent dream that she made come true was to be a performer at Disneyland.

The loss of these two beautiful people has left a huge void in so many hearts. The world was better to have known them. Father and daughter together for eternity. Her daddy never left her side…

Daniel and Hannah leave behind a son and brother, Brent, 16, and a wife and mother, Denay. They will be missed and loved always.

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