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From the family of Robert Foley:

"Robert Allen Foley passed away while on vacation in Peru on 7/4/19. Rob left this world doing what he loved and that was living life to the fullest, not letting a moment go to waste.

Rob graduated from the Sheriff’s academy on 10/30/08, but he wore many other hats in his short life of 47 years. Rob was a skydiver, a pilot, an artist, played an acoustic guitar and he rocked an electric. Rob was a jokester, a comedian, should have been a race car driver, an amazing cook, classic car collector, dog lover and the most amazing Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend.

Rob had so many amazing adventures and awesome stories to tell with them. Rob traveled to many countries and tasted many foods and beverages to please his intrinsic palette. Every trip Rob took, he made sure to bring back a souvenir for everyone. Rob loved his friends and family, he would help anyone in need at any moment, he knew no strangers. 

Of course we are biased, being his family, but he truly was an amazing guy and extremely humble. There have been so many people sharing how Rob helped them in a difficult time and he never told us these stories. We have been so grateful for all of the love and support from his work family, you are all very special people. This is a very difficult time, but we find some peace in hearing all the stories and pictures that have been shared about our Rob. 

At this time, we still do not have our Rob back home from Peru, but as of now, the date is set for 7/13/19. We are unable to plan a service until we can confirm this is the date we can be reunited with him. We will continue to provide updates. I would also like to give a special thanks to RSA for reaching out and helping us. There have been so many things to get in place and they have been a blessing."

We are collecting donations for Robert Foley at this time. Click here or use the button below. We are grateful for any support you can provide. 

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