February 20, 2013

James B. Evans Scholarship Recipient Named in 188th Academy

Matthew Meyer is the latest recipient of RSA's James B. Evans Scholarship. Meyer recently graduated with the 188th Basic Academy on Jan. 17. Meyer is one of 23 Riverside County Sheriff's Department graduates in this class.

The scholarship recognizes exemplary graduates of training academies sponsored by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Students who plan to continue their education in a qualifying program at an accredited college or university are eligible to apply. The scholarship award is $1,000 to be used toward undergraduate or graduates studies.

Deputy Meyer is attending the University of Phoenix at the Ontario campus, working on a Criminal Justice degree to be completed in 2017. Meyer said he is, "Just focused on work and excited to go back to school."

The scholarship is named after Deputy James B. Evans, who was killed in the line of duty during the 1980 Norco bank robbery.