September 25, 2014

Graduate Marcus Murray Receives James B. Evans Award At Basic Correctional Deputy Academy Class 74 Graduation

With pride in their eyes and family members looking on, a fresh group of men and women stepped into their law enforcement careers on Sept. 25 during the Basic Correctional Deputy Academy Class 74 graduation. RSA President Robert Masson awarded a James B. Evans Schoarlship during the ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the Grove Community Church in Riverside. The University of California Riverside Pipe and Drum Band drew the assembled crowd’s attention and led in the soon-to-be graduates.

Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center Academy Captain Robert Peebles opened the ceremony and welcomed family and friends. To give them a taste of what their loved ones had been through to reach the stage that night, a video was played depicting scenes from their training ... some of the scenes exciting, and some painful.
Breanique Flakes delivered the National Anthem while Chaplain John Uriarte gave the invocation.

Class 74 President Gary Bentrum (Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.) thanked family and friends for supporting himself and his fellow academy graduates through their grueling training. He also thanked the Academy staff for “preparing us mentally and physically.” He reiterated the class motto, “Strength Through Honor,” calling on his fellow graduates to live it.

“To my fellow classmattes, enjoy this night,” he said.

Joseph McNamara, RSO Correctional Captain, delivered the Keynote Address, highlighting the importance of integrity and the trust that is placed in them as members of the law enforcement profession. “Your discretion represents our Department’s trust in you, in society’s trust in you.”

“We demonstrate day in and day out that what we do is something to be proud of,” McNamara said.

RSA President Robert Masson delivered the James B. Evans Memorial Scholarship Award to Correctional Deputy Marcus Murray. The award is named in honor of Deputy James B. Evans, who was killed during the 1980 Norco bank robbery. Evans was seeking higher education at the time of his death.

The RSA-sponsored scholarship gives $1,000 to an Academy graduate seeking to further their own education and who has displayed superior performance during Academy training.

High achievers of the class were honored with special recognition. Top Class Honors for Class 74 went to: Top Academics - Matthew Guzzino; Top Report Writing - Steven Benisek and Matthew Guzzino (two recipients); Top Physical Fitness - Marcus Murray; Most Inspirational - Marcus Murray.

Sheriff Stan Sniff and Moreno Valley College Career and Technical Education Dean of Instruction Christopher Whiteside pinned the badges on the graduates and presented diplomas.