THE RIVERSIDE SHERIFFS’ ASSOCIATION has launched its annual direct mail fundraising campaign to benefit the RIVERSIDE COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF RELIEFF FOUNDATION. Households and businesses throughout our jurisdiction will be receiving our fundraising letter through the US Postal service. This is an official and authorized program conducted EXCLUSIVELY by the RIVERSIDE SHERIFFS’ ASSOCIATION for the RIVERSIDE COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF RELIEF FOUNDATION.

We are utilizing this Direct Mail Program as we see it as the most respectful, ethical and unobtrusive way to raise the funds needed to sustain our group’s mission. Furthermore, with our letter, we will be positively communicating and educating the public on our objectives.    

The RIVERSIDE SHERIFFS’ ASSOCIATION is proudly sponsoring this program to benefit the organization and in turn, our community.

Feel free to contact any of our Board Members or myself should you have any questions regarding this program. Visit our association’s donate page for more information, and we’re excited to build out our full association website.

*Note: It is important to know our organization’s programs and goals, so that you can confidently explain them to other members and the public at large. This understanding is critical to success. Together, we will make great strides for ourselves and our community.*

Thank you and stay safe, 

Bill Young 

President, Riverside Sheriffs’ Association