RSA Legal Defense Trust General Counsel Michael P. Stone was invited to speak at the Annual Conference of the American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention in San Diego in August 2010. The APA Section of Public Safety and Police Psychologists hosted a conference for psychologists from throughout the United States who specialize in providing psychological services for police and public safety personnel and agencies in crisis intervention, counseling, critical incident responding, police applicant testing, fitness for duty evaluations and risk management issues. Mike Stone’s presentation, entitled “Hot Topics In Policy Psychology Practice,” consisted of lecture and discussion regarding discovery of work fitness and psychological evaluations of police employees in litigation, Brady issues arising within the policy psychology practice, expert qualifications, and opinion testimony in litigation, the use of police video evidence in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings, and general ethical considerations.

According to the organizers, the presentation was well-received by the attendees, and will likely be repeated in 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Mike Stone’s syllabus and PowerPoint presentation can be accessed and viewed by clicking here to download a pdf.

The APA is the premier national professional association of licensed clinical and behavioral/industrial psychologists.